Environment (All Participants)


These rules have been included to ensure we all participate in a world class event that is at the forefront of environment conservation by abiding with globally accepted environmental practices when travelling through and camping on public land.

All campsites must be left as we found them. Take all of your own rubbish and maybe that of other peoples. Do not bury any rubbish.

As toilets are not available, please ensure you dig a hole and bury “night soil” at least 100 metres away from campsites and water sources. Failure to comply with this requirement will be immediate disqualification from the event.

When on the beach, please ensure that you keep to the marked tracks and don’t drive over or damage vegetated sand dunes.

Do not cut down or damage standing trees or plants during the event.

Ensure you drive on the marked tracks. Whereby possible, attempt to remove fallen trees, etc. thats blocking the way rather than trying to manoeuvre around them.

Any participants found to litter indiscriminately during the event will incur forfeiture of deposit and subsequently banned fron participating in future events.


Convoy Procedures (All Participants)

All Participants to observe Local Motor Traffic Regulations.

The Expedition Leader is the ultimate authority during the event convoy.

The Chief Sweeper is the designated Official who will be at the end of the convoy and will be responsible to notify the Expedition Leader of convoy issues, including information regarding the convoys progress around obstacles and turns etc...

The Tag-On Manager will be the Person-In-Charge of managing the Tag-On (non-competitive/ spectators/ observers) group.


The participants will traverse through some of the most ragged and difficult terrain in the world. They will have their endurance, stamina, skills and most importantly team work tested to the limit.   




The participants will, when required, assist in bridge building and mud side clearing, which in turn will enable them to earn coveted points for awards.                         

This is neither a rally nor a race. Please observe the track markers.                          

All vehicles are responsible for the ensuing vehicle; Stop and wait for the rear vehicle before turning into a junction/ cross-roads.                  

Should the convoy become separated and you reach an intersection where there are no obvious vehicle indications of the next stage, you shall pull to the side of the road and wait for a member of the previous party to return. DO NOT proceed any further.                                                                                       

Any vehicle leaving the convoy for any reason shall inform their respective Group Manager of intentions. The Group Manager will then follow-up with the Expedition Leader & Chief Sweeper (with valid reason only).                         

No vehicle shall do over-taking during the convoy except the Media vehicles or in an EMERGENCY.                                                         

Each driver shall keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front at all times. More so in hilly country or after water crossing, when brakes are wet. While doing so, the driver should still endeavor to keep the vehicle in front in sight to ensure a smooth running convoy.                                                                                                              

In the event of winching or snatching strap being necessary, the operator will automatically be in charge of the situation.                               

All vehicles must switch on their headlights and keep them on while travelling in the convoy (main road).                            

All vehicles must have towing points securely fixed in front and rear. Towing points must be visible and easy access (see Scrutinizing).                     

They must carry a minimum amount of recovery equipment. Borrowing from others is NOT allowed (see Scrutinizing).                 

All drivers are responsible for their passengers at all times.



The 21st Borneo Safari International Off Road Challenge
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