Scrutineering (All Vehicles)


All vehicles are required to be available for scrutinizing on the allocated dates and place prior to the start of the event (usually two (02) weeks prior). Both, driver and co-driver must be present, during vehicle scrutinizing. Stickers Scrutinizing shall be during Event Briefing (usually on the eve of event).

Vehicles must be prepared for all weather, all terrain condition with enhanced towing capabilities, mud and river crossing and gradient climb/ descents capabilities.

Relevant Documents


All participants are required to report to the Chief Scrutinizer with the respective document, form and vehicle (relevant documents for foreign vehicles)

- Driver's Licence (both driver & co-driver).
- Vehicle Registration Car (must show the driver's or co-driver's name).

- Proof of current Third Party Liability cover.

- One current colour photograph of the vehicle.
- If the vehicle is owned by a Third Party, a signed letter of consent for use is required.


Vehicle Road Worthiness Schedule


All vehicles must be in working order/ serviceable;

  • Headlights, Side Indicators, Tail Lights and Reverse Light.

  • Wipers, Electrical Wiring and Fuel Lines.

  • Filters - Oil, Fuel and Air.

  • Brakes, Clutch Lining & Cover, Battery, Wheels and Spare.

  • Suspensions, Shock Absorbers and Mountings.

  • Steering System, Pitman Arm, Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends, etc.

  • Basic Tool Kit and Safety Belts.

  • Road Tax.

Other Equipments


The vehicle must be presented in a ready to start condition including recovery kit, fire extinguisher, shovel/ hoe, spares & oil, tools, camping gear, first aid kit, extra fuel tank and other compulsory equipment.

The basic recovery kit must include:

  • 1 x Snatch/ tow strap

  • 1 x Tree trunk protector

  • 1 x Snatch block

  • 2 x Winching gloves

  • 2 x 3.25 t (min) rated bow shackles

  • 1 x Cable dampener

First Aid Kit


All vehicles are require to carry a First Aid Kit with at least;

  • Elastic bandages/ Surgical dressings

  • Adhesive tapes/ Adhesive dressing strips

  • Burn cream/ Ointment/ Antiseptic

  • Triangular bandages

  • Eye drops & eye pads

  • Tweezers & scissor

  • Surgical gloves & first aid manual.






Air Intake Snorkel


All vehicle is must be installed with an Air Intake Snorkel (River crossings).


Failing Scrutinising Inspection


Any vehicle presented for scrutinising, which is deemed by the CS to not be of standard appearance or condition appropriate to participate or compete in the event, or fails the scrutinising inspection process, may render the entrant liable for exclusion.

Unusual Vehicles

Any unusual or extraordinary 4x4 vehicle can be considered for entry. Any vehicle failing to comply with any of the rules and regulations contained in this event guide is required to apply for an exemption in writing to the competition manager or the event director stating the regulations that the vehicle fails to comply with. Each request will be considered on its merit.


An exemption will only be granted when the competition committee is satisfied that the vehicle has no unfair advantage over other competing vehicles and no safety aspects have been ignored. Failing to apply for an exemption prior to scrutinising will exclude the participant from starting the event.

Final Scrutinising Inspection


A second and final scrutinising inspection at a later date (usually one (01) week prior) will be allocated and informed. All vehicles must pass the scrutinising process or they will be excluded from starting the event.

Late or failure to show up for scrutinising may be penalised or disqualified at the discretion of the Organiser.

All participants vehicles shall have Four Wheel Drive capabilities. Final acceptance of any vehicle is at the absolute discretion of the Organiser. In the event of any doubt, please communicate with the Organiser.

Vehicles Not Allowed

Open-Top, Canvas hood or Buggy vehicles are not allowed.



The 21st Borneo Safari International Off Road Challenge
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