Vehicle Specifications (All Vehicles)


Body Chasis


Open-Top, Canvas hood, Buggy vehicles or without windscreen/ standard door panels are Not Allowed.              

The vehicles structural body cannot be altered from standard other than to cut wheel arches to accommodate larger tires.

Four Point seatbelts are required for all occupants, the minimum being the lap sash type. The seat belts must not be frayed, torn or damaged in any way.                      

Roof-racks are allowed. The maximum weight allowed to be carried on a roof-rack will be limited to 100kg.         

The chassis cannot be lightened, but can be strengthened and modified to allow fitting of non standard engines and suspension systems.     

All items carried in the vehicle must be secured adequately while the vehicle is in motion.

A 3-ton (rated) Tow point is required on both the front and rear of the vehicle and must be securely mounted to the chassis by a minimum of 2 x 12mm or 4 x 10mm, grade 8 (or equivalent) high tensile bolts. Towing points can be mounted to a bull-bar if the bull-bar is sufficiently strong enough to cope with a 3-ton load. Any vehicle with a monocoque frame will require the load to be applied equally to both sides of the vehicle frame. Failure to meet this requirement will exclude the participant from starting the event.

A steel or aluminum cargo barrier must be installed securely behind the driver and co-driverís seats and attached to the vehicle body at four points. Nylon or seatbelt material will not be accepted.       

Fiber or canvas top vehicles must be fitted with a Roll Cage that complies with the following:                     

38mm OD steam pipe, 3mm thickness or 38mm OD Aluminum, 5mm wall thickness with welded joints and mounted to the chassis in 4 places by 100mm square plates 5mm thick either welded or bolted with high tensile steel 4 x 10mm bolts per plate. Backing plates of the same size shall be used when mounting to body panel.

Body parts can be reinforced and/ or protected by the installation of Bull Bar, Side Bar and Rear Bar or similar.                   

Existing bumpers or side steps can be removed.              

Body lifts are allowable to a maximum of 100mm or 4 inches. All previous mounts must be incorporated in mounting of the body when lifted. All bolts replaced must be of high tensile specifications (e.g. Grade 8) and of the same diameter or larger than the bolts removed.

Aftermarket seats is allowed provided it be fixed to the body, as well as/ or better than, the standard. All unused seat(s) can be removed.



Any engine, make or size can be used, provided it is a legal and roadworthy fitment in the country of origin.


Fuel/Air intake system


  • All supplementary fuel containers shall be approved for fuel storage and be adequately secured in the vehicle, behind the cargo barrier or mounted outside the cabin.

  • Aftermarket and/ or genuine turbo/ super charger are allowed.

  • Aftermarket fuel tank can be used provided it meets recognized safety standards.

  • All vehicle is must be installed with an Air Intake Snorkel (River crossings).

  • Note: The Chief scrutinizer reserves the right to reject any fuel tank that is deemed to be unsafe.

Exhaust System

Exhaust system can be modified, including extractors.                  

The Exhaust system must protrude past the vehicle body, either to the side or rear.

This is to ensure no exhaust gases from entering the cabin.       

Open exhaust system is not allowed.  





Aftermarket and/ or genuine differentials is allowed.
Aftermarket, automatic or manual differential locks is allowed.
Axles and differential housings can be strengthened or laminated.
Gearbox, transfer case and drive shaft can be modified and/ or strengthened.


Aftermarket and/ or modified suspensions are allowed.
Any amount of dampers is allowed.
Suspension linkages, A-arms and pan hard rods can be modified and/ or strengthened.

Wheel & Tyres

Tire and wheel combinations are restricted to a maximum 37Ē diameter and 13.5Ē width and shall be enclosed within the width of mudguards and flares.                

Wheels can be modified up to a maximum allowance of 100mm from standard for "off-setting".                                                        

Agricultural purpose tires or similar type is prohibited.                   

Spur drive reduction (Drop axle) is allowed.                                                                        

Tires must be of a mud terrain purpose tread pattern and be classified for road use.

Tires must have at least 80% tread depth at the start of the event.                          

Wheel and tire combinations can protrude up to 45mm from the vehicle body but must be accompanied by the use of 50mm flare material extending the whole length of the wheel arch.                                                                       

It is compulsory to carry at least one (01) spare wheel and be securely mounted on or inside the vehicle.   


Electrical System

All lights, indicators, reverse and brake lights must be in operable condition.
All vehicles must have an effective horn.
Aftermarket electronic devices or modified ignition system can be use.



All 4x4 vehicles must be fitted with a front mounted recovery winch with a capacity no less than 8000lbs.                                                                                                             

The winch cable must be in serviceable condition without damage, i.e.; No broken strands, kinked, bent or badly crushed sections.                                                             

The winch must be fitted with an operational automatic brake.                 

The cable must be of high tensile steel (aircraft type) with a minimum of 5/16Ē diameter.                                                                            

All cables/ropes must be attached with an approved dampener with a minimum weight of at least 1 kg. ďGunny-SackĒ dampener is not allowed.

When operating with a snatch block/ double line, additional dampener is a must.

Winch cables must not be fastened by U clamps. Only cables with professionally swaged loops will be accepted.                                            

Plasma rope with a minimum of 10mm is allowed.  

Mild steel cable with a hemp centre is not allowed.                                  






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